One person, one business and one community at a time

One person, one business and one community at a time

Join us in the fight!
We need capital, skills and talent to help us fight and win this battle!


We are looking for impact innovators who have developed high impact innovations for Africa, Asia and Latin-America who need to implement their innovations quickly.


We have developed a Fixed-Income solution for 6 Large-, Responsible-, Impact driven-, Institutional Investors who are interested to participate in our Global Impact Project Company in Switzerland.


Any intermediary who has access to any of these type of Institutional investors, in any part of the world, can get into contact with our Institutional Account Manager.

Who we are

Technology-enabled project company focusing on making a difference, one person, one business one community at a time. Low-risk investment.

What we do

We invest in previous excluded individuals & communities. Human Capital, Environmental, Community Infrastructure, Business & Industry Enablement Projects.

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Systemic Exclusion:
Barriers to Scalable Impact Investment

Dr. Marius Joubert

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